Project Description

3D Logo Development

During various design projects I have tried to introduce crafted 3D tactile elements which can contribute to the richness of the brand experience. Translating these logos into 3D is not simply a case of sculpting the physical shape. Understanding the requirements for CAD software as well as options for manufacturing ensured that I was able to design these pieces and supply them in a form suitable for the end manufacturer whether a 3D file for injection moulding, a physical sample to be scanned into 3D or a flat relief which can then be used by the manufacturer to wrap around a bottle and engrave into a mould.

The Cacique Indian head had only ever been used as a 2D icon but it was calling out to be brought into 3D. I partnered with a digital sculptor from the coin and jewellery industry to bring life to the head which could be used as detailing on a cocktail dispense font. By gold plating the injection moulded piece and finishing with an antiqued finish it provided a much more premium result than using a flat printed design.

The Smirnoff eagle it is a very strong 2D logo but I felt that in 3D it could have felt clumsy. By introducing detail into the wings and body as well as volume into the feathers and other details it became more authentic in its 3D form. This piece needed a lot of art direction through various stages of reworking to get it right but the final design helps to communicate the heritage of the mark.

The Lalique swallow embossing was a little different as it needed an artistic interpretation of a very intricate logo. Whilst keeping as close as possible to the shape and position of the bird I also wanted it to be more organic and have a feeling of movement.