Project Description

Amouage Honour Amenities

Already successful within the luxury hotel amenity market, the Middle Eastern brand Amouage wanted to introduce a new range based on their best-selling fragrance ‘Honour’.

Based on the design for the retail products I developed the design for the amenity range using existing packaging components. Manufacturing constraints meant that the bottles couldn’t be screen printed as in retail but by using a high quality transparent label substrate and changing the branding detail from screen print to metallic foil I delivered a premium product. The brand was so happy with the result of the labels that they decided move some of their retail products from screen print to a label to replicate the finish.

As well as numerous tube, bottle, soap and accessory products across the Amouage ranges I also developed a high quality sales & presentation box which used spot varnish and hot foiling techniques to elegantly present the contents securely in a card covered vac forming.