Project Description

Annick Goutal Amenities

I was tasked with designing a new hotel amenity range for the French fragrance house Annick Goutal. Although they had previously produced bath & body products, they wanted the hotel amenity range to closer reflect the qualities of their fragrance products.

Having distinct male and female ranges, a key to this project was developing a new structure that took inspiration from both the male and female pack designs. I paired the clean lines of the male bottle with a slightly more curved front and used ridge detailing found on the female bottles to create a final pack with a unisex appeal.

Working closely with a European label supplier I designed a detailed raised varnish label that worked within the limits of the process whilst producing an elegant yet water resistant label that replicated closely the crafted paper labels of their premium fragrances. Internal details designed into the cap and neck of the bottle meant that the AG embossed logo on top of the cap would always align perfectly with the front of the bottles.

As well as the bottle range I developed the 300ml dispenser range, soaps & cartons and a tube format range which provided a slightly more modern range using the iconic AG logo as a subtle background watermark.