Project Description

Asprey Bath & Body

Asprey had been supplying premium hotel amenities for many years and held the global contract with Ritz-Carlton hotels. As such the Asprey ‘Purple Water’ range included a number of bottle, tube, dispenser, soap & accessory categories. These products all needed to be supplied in up to 6 different language formats which meant a lot of SKU’s.

I oversaw the redesign of the tube range following a Ritz-Carlton contract extension of which one of the requests was that the ‘solid purple’ tubes included a transparent fill level window. After proposing various design and production solutions I successfully worked with numerous global manufacturers to transition the range from an opaque purple tube to a transparent clear tube which was overprinted with a solid purple to maintain the premium design and finish whilst meeting the operational requirements from Ritz-Carlton. As well as the new process and artwork design I oversaw the update of all artwork across the entire range.

Other work across the Asprey products included concept work for a new premium dispenser offering. Working within the constraints of existing bathroom bottle holders and pump components I provided a more luxurious design which replicated the details found in their fragrance line.

Following quality problems with the existing aluminium caps for the bottle range I designed and developed a replacement metallised plastic cap which allowed for more efficient production. Strategic placement of details on the top of the cap helped to hide areas of distortion in the plastic which were highlighted by the high-gloss metallic finish. The result was an improved design and whilst reducing the unit cost significantly.