Project Description

Blossom Hill Wine Font

Blossom Hill wanted to develop a wine dispense font which would allow them to elevate the in-bar presence for their brand whilst making it easier for their consumers to select the wine they wanted. They commissioned their usual agency who developed a great concept for the font – using the wine glass as the hero to communicate the ‘Perfect glass’. However, having no 3D or structural technical capabilities all they had was a visual of an unfeasible design.

I was asked to take on the development and turn the concept into a workable solution. The first challenge was fitting all the necessary pipework and insulation into the ‘arms’ of the font whilst keeping the refined and elegant styling. Another critical task was the surface design of the chrome structure. This needed to seamlessly blend from the arms into the base whilst providing structural integrity as well as removable sections for maintenance access. Working with both the agency and technical teams I engineered a solution that was technically fit for purpose and exceeded the aesthetic expectations of the agency.

Having developed the final design, I managed the production a set of 10 fully functional prototype units for market testing. Using all the correct component materials and finishes the prototypes were a perfect replication of the production version and using my knowledge of prototyping agencies I was able to halve the budget for the units compared to the cost of previous prototype font models.

Following the successful test, I provided my data to the manufacture and continued to work with them through to final production.