Project Description

Bottle and Glass Prototyping

I have significant experience of developing prototype models of bottles and glassware. Whether a simple shape model to communicate form or whether a fully realistic hollow model, filled with product and labelled which is to be used for marketing photography, I understand how best to deliver a great model in the most efficient way. I have experience of hand sampling in glass to produce samples or limited runs of bottles and glassware for occasions when a plastic version isn’t good enough.

I have long standing relationships with leading model making companies and understand their strengths and individual benefits. Equally I have produced models myself in-house using CNC mills to machine and then polish solid acrylic models. With an understanding of glass embossing I have created embossing designs and models which have then been used as guides for production.

During my position with Diageo I established an in-house prototyping facility and partnership with a leading model maker which enabled me to dramatically reduce the time needed and cost of producing prototype models.

Notably, during this time I managed the packaging design and prototyping phase of ‘The Apprentice’ Series 6 Final for Talkback Thames, coordinating between the production team, design agencies and suppliers – enabling the design, production and photography of spirits pack mock-ups in under 12 hours. This required significant planning, stakeholder management and even development of new prototyping techniques to meet the tight constraints of the filming schedule.