Project Description

Bruno Acampora Packaging

Bruno Acampora is an Italian perfume house who were looking to start operating in the luxury hotel amenity market.

A main feature of the brand and its products is craftsmanship and use of antique procedures which is reflected in its perfume packaging – aluminium phials closed with cork, cord and a wax seal. The concept of ‘unwrapping a gift’ was important to the brand.

I developed a range of concepts for the hotel amenity range which referenced the perfume packaging with a more modern treatment whilst being suitable for mass production and providing a product at a suitable price point. In the concepts I explored a range of closure options that offered the opportunity to ‘break a seal’ whether that was through a faux wax seal or tamper evident label over the cap.

To add a touch of luxury I introduced crafting into the labelling through the use of textures; varnish finishes and embossing.