Project Description

Cocktail Dispense Font

Diageo wanted to bring spirits to the front of bar and create a new drinks category which would provide a functional benefit and offer their consumers a reason to choose their brands. Being part of the Innovation team from the start of this project I worked with marketing, technical & liquid development functions and helped to define the concepts for the final dispense technologies; ‘Frozen from Tap’ (delivering a frozen product from keg to tap) as well as ‘Layered from Tap’ (dispensing 2 liquids of varying density from a single tap to create a layered effect in the glass).

I helped to commission the initial stages of dispense font ideation within 2 leading agencies however, once we had a winning concept it became clear that the most effective route would be for me to work directly with the technical and marketing teams and undertake the further development myself.

I ran a series of workshops bringing in experts from marketing, technical and manufacturing teams to identify the critical aesthetic, and technical requirements needed to define a structure that would resonate with consumers whilst accommodating all of the pipework & electronics needed to dispense the technically challenging drinks.

I developed the full technical design together with the final finishes, colourways and branding. I also created artwork for a number of supporting items such as branded glassware and bar side information for bar staff. I managed the production of 15 fully functional units for market testing and following a positive response I managed the development and production of the final units with a Far Eastern manufacturer.