Project Description

Dewar’s Legacy Collection

To celebrate Dewar’s 120th anniversary of its first Royal Warrant Bacardi had commissioned a leading agency to design a limited edition pack of 1000. The design needed to encapsulate the quality, skills and rich heritage that has defined Dewar’s. The agency envisaged a pack inspired by the dirk, the Scottish ceremonial dagger – a hand-blow crystal decanter with handcrafted silverware made by Scottish craftsmen.

I was asked to help turn their sketched visuals for the primary and secondary packs into a technically viable and manufacturable designs.

The first challenge presented was that their concept used the top of the curved ‘dirk’ as the neck and stopper. Most bottles have a straight neck for a reason and careful stakeholder management was needed to explain why this design was problematic.

Having translated the structure into 3D with the correct glass weight and volume the challenge was to engineer the components in such a way that they could be manufactured and assembled. I developed a number of potential solutions which I then reviewed with the glass manufacturer and presented to the agency. By understanding the aesthetic concept behind the design, I was able to make adjustments to the proportions that meant it was possible to ‘hide’ a traditional straight neck within the metal dirk whilst keeping the original design intent.

I provided the 3D structure for the packs together with technical drawings to be used by the manufactures as well as photorealistic 3D visuals for presentation to the client.