Project Description

Dispense Product Development

I have completed dispense related projects on behalf of design agencies, brands and dispense equipment manufacturers producing work ranging from graphic designs for optic badges through to fully developed products for mass production. I have significant experience of dispense font design at all stages from ideation through to large scale manufacture. Through this involvement I have a good understanding of the technical considerations when dispensing beers, spirits, mixed drinks and wines in a variety of environments using various systems and equipment.

Through my design work I have constantly challenged the status-quo, having designed the first plastic body font for Diageo which removed the need for heavy & expensive castings. I also developed new manufacturing techniques with suppliers to open up greater possibilities for design and customisation. As part of innovation projects I have explored the use of video panels within dispense products to provide greater branding and customisation options whilst integrating with the latest smart technologies.

I have developed numerous fully functional prototype fonts for large scale market tests within Europe using mass production techniques as well as leveraging ‘model making’ shortcuts to produce units in less time and at a lower cost. In order to supply final production items, I have worked with a variety of dispense product manufacturers throughout the UK and China working with internal development teams as well as supplying the production data. During these projects I have gained experience of electronic design; illumination and control systems and I have been responsible for testing, certification and supply of both prototype and mass production units.