Project Description

Drift HD Action Camera

A reusable pack solution showcases the Drift HD action camera. The design, in the shape of the company logo, underlines the characteristics of the camera and serves as a transport case. One of the main features of the packaging is the coating, which is the same coating that also protects the camera and lends it its characteristic feel. The design also offers space to attach anti-theft protection through the corner of the box. The accessory case was carefully designed, and produced from a sturdy polymer to serve as transport case for all necessary mounts and accessories.

I started working on the packaging for the Drift HD action camera from the early stage concept development. Initially exploring form and considering both the presentation of the camera itself as well as how to incorporate the drift branding as a strong element I developed a range of presentation options.

Having worked at each stage of development I created the final technical design for the pack and produced a high quality functional prototype for testing. I supplied full CAD data and technical drawings which were supplied to the manufacturer. This included the design of the internal features of the internal case which needed to securely hold all the accessories and fittings of the camera.

The Drift HD pack was awarded a 2012 Red Dot award for Communication Design.