Project Description

JWBL + Porsche Design Studio

In order to design a range of gifting packs Johnnie Walker Blue Label had partnered with Porsche Design Studio. The successful concept was for a set of packs which doubled as ice buckets. The basic pack was to contain a single bottle but the most expensive was to include a set of 4 glasses and tongs with both the glasses and ice bucket lighting up.

Porsche Design Studio had produced basic concept visuals of the packs split at the famous Johnnie Walker label angle, the lid made from stainless steel and the base finished in leather. Due to tight time constraints I was asked to develop the final design for the packs, provide the data for manufacture as well as providing a set of fully functional models to be used for photography.

Having defined the overall sizes and layout of contents I split the packs into the various components and defined how they would fit and be assembled in manufacture. Each pack featured a hidden locking mechanism so that they could be lifted from the lid. Having engineered the full packs, I also specified all finishes used throughout as well as the electronics needed for the illuminated version.

The final packs were finished with a custom dyed leather and plastic components finished with a soft touch spray to match the leather. The brushed stainless steel lids, etched with infilled JWBL logos were assembled with polished ice buckets that had the JW emblem etched on the inside.

The full packs were fully defined and engineered in 2 weeks and prototyped within a total of 4 weeks at which point they were used for marketing photography and data was supplied to the manufacturer.