Project Description

Neal’s Yard Remedies

The first stage concept work had already been completed for this project when I started working with it. The concept was to replicate the iconic blue glass apothecary bottles from their retail products but in an opaque blue HDPE bottle. After working with a plastic (master batch) supplier I was able to appease the concerns of the packaging team at Neal’s Yard and I successfully changed the specification to a transparent blue PET bottle and adjusted the bottle profile to much more closely replicate their retail bottles.

At the time of taking this project over the cap was due to be a generic design. However, feeling that including some detailing on the cap was key to delivering a crafted product with a premium feel I convinced the team at Neal’s Yard. Printing the caps was out of scope due to price point but I worked with the cap manufacture to develop the very small and detailed embossed logo design on the top of the cap. Use of different in mould textures added to the overall finish and enhanced the standout of the logo.

I developed all packaging elements for the range as well as developing all artwork across the range of 30ml, 50ml, 100ml & 300ml bottles as well as 30g and 50g soaps.

Neal’s Yard were so happy with the quality finish of the end products that they now purchase the empty packaging directly to use for low volume product samplers.