Project Description

The Royal Brackla 35 Year Old

I was asked by a leading design agency to help develop the structural elements for the ‘The Royal Brackla 35-Year-Old’. A limited edition of only 100 bottles and Bacardi’s most expensive whisky meant that this pack needed to be special.

Although the agency had produced sketched concept visuals there were a number of technical aspects that needed to be resolved. One key area was how to ‘hide’ the vacuity (headspace) in the neck and stopper area so that the fill level would be hidden and the full bottle would appear to be a complete golden orb.

Following a number of design rounds with the agency designers & directors as well as the Bacardi teams and potential manufacturers I arrived at the final design for both primary and secondary packaging which balanced both the aesthetic and technical requirements for a pack of such value.

Throughout the design process I provided technical presentations which clearly explained the options and technical rational behind them. This together with detailed 3D models of the components allowed everyone involved to make informed choices. Providing the designers with accurate flat guides for elements such as the crown meant that they could create designs with the confidence that it would fit as they envisaged.

Finally, I provided photorealistic 3D visuals which were used to present the concept at various stages throughout the design process.